French admin - made easy!

Is French red tape giving you a headache, and costing you to save time and money? We can help make your life in France easier!
We specialise in all aspects of French administration and work with the Mairie de Nice and the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur. Our services include:
All essential and mandatory administration, including:
  • residence permits for British and non-European nationals (cartes de séjour); nationalisation; driving licenses (permis de conduire); French vehicle registration (carte grise)
  • Setting up your micro-enterprise (self-employment)
  • Helping you set up and manage your state health and top-up insurance (sécurité sociale, carte vitale et mutuelle); building and contents insurance
  • Making calls and sending emails to administration and customer services
  • Setting up and managing your internet, telephone, electricity and gas subscriptions
  • Paralegal services including dispute resolution, landlord/tenant, purchase refunds and compensation
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