Navigating through the complexities of administration.

We all know that France can be one of the more administratively challenging countries one might experience. It all may seem rather daunting, not only to non French speakers, but to natives as well!

This is where my administrative expertise comes into play. I understand the system and have worked with it for years.

Often, it is all about understanding the procedure and following it to the letter, and often clients say that I am able to save them time, money and a sense of frustration.


Feel free to contact me on 07 66 52 04 10 or via the contact form and we can have an informal chat about your needs and the way ahead. Then I can work out a quote for you and we can take it from there.

Using us, you are eligible to claim a tax refund.

A Votre Service is registered as a personal service organisation under the number SAP842601908. By using A Votre Service, for many tasks you can claim a tax rebate or refund equal to 50% of the expenses actually incurred in the year for personal services.

If you are not taxable or if the amount of your tax is less than the amount of the tax credit to which you are entitled, you will receive a cheque from the Tax department corresponding to the excess.

A Votre Service will send you a tax certificate at the beginning of the following year, that you can use to get a tax refund.

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